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Avira Phantom VPN Pro

✓ Minimized lag & no throttling
✓ DDoS protection
✓ Global anonymity—play anywhere
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Avira System Speedup Pro

✓ Smoother gaming
✓ Faster load times
✓ More free RAM

Your global game plan:
Phantom VPN Pro

Lets nothing stop you, not even borders or DDoS attacks.

Bypass firewalls

Play the latest games before they’re launched in your country and game with friends all over the world. Firewalls? Leap over them.


Access Xbox Live, PSN exclusives, and YouTube Let's Play channel from anywhere.


DDoS attacks increase during esport tournaments. Defeat targeted attacks with a VPN to encrypt and privatize your data.


Relax. Hackers can’t access your online activities, and your data won’t be stored or passed on. Plus, with a different IP address every time, you’re untraceable


Your ISP can throttle or reroute your connection to poorly optimized networks. Bypass congested networks and defeat throttling with the Avira network.

What's inside Phantom VPN Pro?

  • 5-device license
  • Unlimited, encrypted data
  • Kill switch (Windows feature)
  • Unblocked websites
  • P2P file sharing
  • No logs
  • DNS leak prevention
  • Anonymous surfing
  • Customer support

Your need for speed: System Speedup Pro

Enhances your gaming with 30 premium optimization tune-up tools

Free up gaming resources

Channel all resources to your gaming by disabling unnecessary processes running in the background. The end result? Smoother gaming for a more enjoyable experience.

Create a virtual gaming hard drive

Accelerate load times by defragging game folders and creating a dedicated gaming area in the RAM. And when you’re done, your PC gets reset to its original pre-gaming state.

Boot faster and play harder

Start gaming more quickly with apps that launch as soon as you start your PC. Easily add any game to your dashboard and then click "Boost & Play" to enhance your performance.

What's inside System Speedup Pro?

  • Start-up optimization
  • Disk tuner for more space & speed
  • Disk defragmenter, analysis, and cleaner
  • Registry cleaner
  • Process manager to close unused processes
  • Game Booster Pro
  • File, registry, and MBR backup
  • Network repair
  • Disk wiper
  • File shredder
  • …and more

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Try Phantom VPN Pro
No credit card required.
In partnership with WSOE

System requirements

For System Speedup Pro, your system is compatible if you’re using Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and later.

Phantom VPN Pro runs on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.