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There’s still good news, though. Our high-performance products are always available! Choose one of our stand-alone stars (like our award-winning antivirus), a premium bundle or our exclusive all-in-one service, Prime.

Avira Antivirus Pro Boxshot

Avira Antivirus Pro

Be safe
Avira Optimization Suite Boxshot

Avira Optimization Suite

Avira Prime Boxshot

Avira Prime

Block threats in real time & repair files

Detects and removes all malware, including ransomware and Banker Trojans.

Safely shop, surf, and bank

Blocks infected and fake websites, and protects you against phishing attacks.

Block Ads

Prevents intrusive and malicious ads, banners, and pop-ups from loading.

Benefit from customer support

Gives you unlimited, free access via a toll-free number and email.

Secure your home network

Smart Home scans your connected devices for security vulnerabilities and helps you fix them.

Speed up your PC

Accelerates starts, loading time, and system processes.

Clean your PC & free up disk space

Removes junk from your disk and registry and creates more storage space.

Shield your privacy

Erases traces of your web activities and encrypts confidential data.

Encrypt your communications

Masks your true identity so you can surf safely and privately—even on public. Wi-Fi

Auto-generate and securely store passwords

Automatically logs you in to all your accounts with strong, unique passwords that you don’t need to remember.

Protect your online accounts

Warns you if your passwords or online accounts are vulnerable. 

Fix your software flaws

Automatically patches vulnerabilities as soon as they’re uncovered.

Install premium mobile apps

Includes privacy, performance, and security apps for Android & iOS.

Get free access to future products

Automatically gives you every new Avira product, at no extra charge.

Or choose another premium solution

Is security your main concern? Looking for better performance? Or perhaps you want the best of everything that Avira has to offer... 

Avira Software Updater Pro Boxshot

Software updater Pro

Enjoy real-time, award-winning online protection which doesn’t slow you down.
Avira Phantom VPN Pro Boxshot

Phantom VPN Pro

Enjoy true browsing freedom, with unlimited, private, and secure access to the web.
Avira Password Manager Pro Boxshot

Password Manager Pro

Automatically create high-strength passwords that you don’t need to remember.
Avira System Speedup Pro Boxshot

System Speedup Pro

Get a powerful tune up suite comprised of over 30 high-performance tools.
Avira Internet Security Suite Boxshot

Internet security suite

The 3-in-1 online protection bundle: combine award-winning antivirus protection with a premium Password Manager and Software Updater.

Enjoy a multi-award-winner

We have received top awards for our protection, performance, and repair capabilities.

Top product award for our protection, performance, and usability
Outstanding protection in real-world situations
Top award for our anti-ransomware protection technology
Top-rated antivirus protection for 2018