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With the practical Avira Prime flat fee, you have access to all our premium products and smartphone apps to use across devices.

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$9.99 / month

Up to 5 devices

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Avira Prime – simply more of everything

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Annual payment - up to 5 devices


Essential antivirus

Extended virus protection

Phantom VPN

500 MB data

Unlimited data

System Speedup

Tuning tools – starter kit

Tuning tools – full version

Software Updater

Updates your software and patches vulnerabilities

Manual updates

Automatic updates

Identity theft protection

Premium apps for smartphones

Personal customer support

Completely add-free

Ensure maximum security

Avira Prime offers extended protection from threats including data and identity theft and security vulnerabilities in outdated software that can be exploited by hackers.

Enjoy more speed and privacy

Our premium tuning tools provide even more performance, battery life and storage space, and our VPN lets you surf the web anonymously and securely – with no limits.

Make your smartphone even smarter

With our clever premium apps, you are always well protected and anonymous on the move and can benefit from many useful features, such as our anti-theft tools.

Limitless freedom for the whole family

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*Fair use policy: maximum 25 devices per household